Kizby is a new project and task management tool for desktop PCs from Manumitting Technologies.

Kizby is the result of several years of contemplation — and frustration — of current project and task management tools by Manumitting's founder, Brian de Alwis. As Brian was pursuing graduate work (in software engineering), he continuously sought to find a computer-based tool to help manage his various projects. Despite the number of task and project management tools on the market, he found they either failed to scale to large workloads, or provided little support for managing the other artefacts resulting from work, such as files and notes. Brian had frequent discussions with other researchers and professionals and discovered that many people had similar frustrations. After a number of years had passed, Brian set out to create a tool to address these needs. Kizby is the start to that tool — many additional features are to come.

Kizby is named for Thomas Kisbee, the inventor of the Kisby ring (aka life buoy or life saver).

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